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Going forward

Hi, most of my posts are to TAY proper, but this will be posted separately to avoid unnecessary waste of space.

This is just a notification to anybody confused by my sudden name change that I have gone from the name I used for two years, GeoStar, to my real name, Babak Abrishamchian.


You might be wondering, why do this and why now? For one, I have been completely forthcoming about my identity for my entire presence on Kinja, having linked to my Twitter and contact email in every post I make. GeoStar is an important name to me as I’ve used it for the past 12 years of my life.

Tomorrow, on June 17th, I turn 19. This is not a big deal, nobody really loses it over turning 19, but the past year has been a big deal for me. Surprisingly fast, my work as a writer in both real-world hard news and gaming news has advanced both in quality and notability (mostly because I’m finally getting paid and have a budget, albeit the month-late paychecks).


For this reason, when I’m interviewing, say, the project lead for a game, or a public figure in local government, I want my name to be what they know, rather than a pen name I used for the sake of having a username.

That’s all there’s really to say. The link to my personal page is still going to be “” because I won’t force anyone to spell my last name out. That would be just cruel.


Crap I’m going to have to get a new business card now aren’t I.

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