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The Case Of The Mysterious Insurgency Achievement

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Who is Agamakus and what is his/her purpose?

Insurgency has an infamous achievement titled ODA 420 which only one Steam user has every attained: Agamakus. The achievement description is as follows:

Successfully get an enemy combatant ripping baked

So far, no one knows what this achievement is, nor does anyone know who the user who achieved it is. Some have speculated Agamakus is a scrap account for a member of Insurgency’s dev team, which would explain why the games on the account have mostly under an hour logged.


People previously believed the achievement required you to burn someone with a molotov cocktail in the weed fields of Insurgency map Panj, but this theory was quickly proven wrong.

The achievements popularity comes from AStats which shows the achievement as the third rarest achievement on Steam. AStats also says there is 1 broken achievement in Insurgency, further supporting the theory that Agamakus is a dev’s account.


Perhaps the devs wanted no one to be able to perfect (attain every achievement) Insurgency on Steam? Is this achievement just some cruel joke to the completionists of the world?

If ODA 420 is unattainable, will it eventually be removed, or will it someday have it’s purpose revealed? Only the devs can tell us now.

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